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ERP Practitioner Corner

Steve Phillips

Steve Phillips is an ERP professional with over twenty-five years of implementation experience as an industry practitioner or consultant (including the Big Five). He has been certified by APICS and authored several articles appearing in APIC publications.

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Consultant Corner by ERP Expert

Michael Doane

Michael Doane has 35 years enterprise systems experience. He is the author of The New SAP Blue Book, a Concise Business Guide to the World of SAP and The SAP Green Book.

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ERP Veteran

John Ziegler

ERP Veteran John Ziegler has received numerous ERP consulting awards including “Top SAP Consultant of the Year” by SAP America, SAP Customer Excellence Circle Award and is an SAP Service and Channel Partner.

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We've recently watched as companies like Jive and have shifted focus to become platform-centric companies. Social software, CRM and other products are becoming less important than platform-as-service and enterprise app stores for many companies. But what's going to run on these platforms? "We...


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